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Going Solar In 5 Simple Steps

Step One: Enter Your Information

Simply fill out your basic information - including your name, contact information, and property address - and submit a free request for more information. You can do that now by clicking the button below.

Step Two: Speak With Your Personalized, Professional Solar Rep

Your solar representative will be in touch with you to examine your current utility bill and discuss the needs of your solar project.

Step Three: Approve Your Solar Project Proposal

Within days, you will receive a proposal with the details of your solar project discussed with your rep for your approval. Any necessary adjustments can be made at this time.

Step Four: Submit A Survey Request

Once the proposal has been accepted and signed, a request will be submitted by your solar rep to have a surveyor come out and map out the property as required before the start of the project.

Step Five: Set Your Solar Install Date

After installation, your local utility company will inspect it and install a new meter to measure the energy your system produces. You'll then be able to start generating your own electricity and receive credits or payments for any excess energy you produce.

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